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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Paxos - Paxos Animal Welfare Society (PAWS):

PAWS clinic at Magazia
If ever an animal welfare society on a Greek island were looking for a snappy and memorable name they certainly had it easy on the island of Paxos where the name PAWS (Paxos Animal Welfare Society) became the obvious choice.

Founded in 2005, the society (now a Registered Charity) carries out the usual range of animal welfare activities on the island including neutering and spaying of cats and dogs as well as a year round feeding programme for the feral cats. Volunteers on the island are joined each year by visiting vets to carry out a range of medical treatments on the islands animals.

When I was there in June 2014, I saw a number of the cat feeding stations around the island including the pictured one at Loggos, which was being well used by a nu
mber of cats. Sadly, according to their recent newsletter, this was lost in the storms of December 2014 but is being replaced in 2015. Whilst on a walk through the village of Magazia I came across the PAWS clinic. Doing my research back home it turned out this was a recent development which was opened in September 2013 and has greatly helped the society with their work.

Cat feeding station, Loggos
As I previously wrote in my post about the Alonnisos Society for Animal Protection (!/alonnisosanimals) many visitors to the islands help out with some temporary feeding while on holiday but these organisations are there for the animals all year round and deserve support for the valuable work they do.

To find out more about the work of PAWS (or to make a welcome donation) you can visit their website at . Rather unusually they do not seem to have a Facebook page at this stage, but I'll edit in a link later should this change.

If you are visiting Paxos do look out for the feeding stations round the island and consider helping them with their work. Regards, David.

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