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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Tilos Sea Star - starring no more?

Tilos Sea Star in Symi, June 2011
Having just recently returned from two wonderful weeks on the Dodecanese island of Halki (a post on this will follow in the future) I was surprised to see no sign of the fast catamaran Tilos Sea Star. Taking the day trip to Nisyros, we twice called in at Livadia harbour on Tilos with no sign of the Sea Star.

Curious, I did some research on the internet and it seems that the Sea Star service was unprofitable and has been sold. I cannot verify this, but certainly it is not running a 2015 schedule. A marine traffic website shows her current position as Rhodes with no recent movements logged.

Built in 1989 in Norway, the ship was purchased by the municipality of Tilos island and commenced service in 2000. I travelled to and from the island aboard Sea Star in 2006 and saw her a number of other times whilst visiting other islands -the last being at Symi in 2011 (pictured).

It's sad to think we'll not be seeing the Sea Star again (if my information is correct). At least not in the Tilos livery (though she may well re-appear in a new guise in the future). If it seems silly to be nostalgic or sad about the demise of a ferry service it needs to be remembered just how integral to visiting small Greek islands these vessels are. They are the start of your new adventure as you arrive in the island harbour and also the setting for your departure as you watch your chosen island fade into the distance.

If you are considering a holiday on Tilos do not worry -there are still other ferry services available (principally the Dodekanisos Seaways catamaran Dodekanisos Express and Blue Star Ferries massive ferry Diagoras). Still, I'll miss seeing the Sea Star when in the Dodecanese. Regards, David.

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